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“CHEN” was established in order to assist people
with fertility problems in Israel

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ART Progress

Since 1985, more than 170,000 infants conceived through ART have been born in the United States, and the success rate of IVF procedures has risen dramatically over the past 15 years. According to data collected by the ASRM-affiliated Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology in conjunction with the CDC, the total number of fertility clinics in the United States offering ART procedures rose from 30 in 1985 to 370 in 1999. The number

of infants born as a result of ART procedures rose from 1,875 in 1987 -- the first year for which statistics were collected -- to 30,967 in 1999. The proportion of IVF procedures resulting in pregnancy has also risen from 11.5% in 1985 to 35.4% in 1999 (ASRM release, 10/14).