"Chen" - Patient Fertility Association

“CHEN” was established in order to assist people
with fertility problems in Israel

שבוע הפוריות

This year we will mark it 7-13 November 2022 with the main theme:
"25 million Journeys. One (in)fertility Challenge."

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“CHEN” was established in order to assist people with fertility problems in Israel

I with the help of my husband, founded CHEN in 1998, after our two children were born. Both our children were born after long treatments and from egg donations.

According to medical statistics there are about 160,000 couples (about 10 percent) with fertility problems.

“CHEN” was name after my father, who passed away just three weeks before my eldest son was born. The association has 300 couples’ members.

Our main activity areas are:

  1. Personal help -
    We have an “open line” to help people by listening to their problems and provide them with encouragement, information, advice and moral support, by talking with people that understand their situation from first hand.
  2. Health Service Providers & Government - We help our members cope with the Health Service Providers, that sometimes are trying not to supply all the treatments and medications, that are covered by the National Health Bill.
    We are campaigning so the government will update the National Health Bill so it will include new medications & treatments.
  3. Legislative -
    We are working to submit new laws and regulations regarding Infertility. On our agenda today is to change the regulations regarding egg donation.
    On 19 July, 2000, the first vote took place and was excepted by the Knesset.
    In Israel only a woman that is in the IVF process can give an egg donation.
    Because of that, there are today 2,000 women waiting for an egg donation and the waiting time is between 6-12 months. The law we submitting will allow that every woman that wants to donate eggs can do so. To achieve this purpose we are lobbying the Israeli parliament members for their
    support and we are doing a lot of PR work in the media.
  4. Support groups -
    We organize, with the help of the Infertility wards, support groups and lectures all over Israel.
  5. Legal help & advice -
    We provide free legal advice by our volunteer lawyers.


Your contribution to the organization will enable us to continue our activities.

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